Bike like it's 1929 with end-of-the-economy bicycle gear tips


Now that it's official, and all, that we're in a recession, it's even smarter to sell all your earthly gas-guzzling possessions and buy bikes. Many proponents of Peak Oil, and even generally conservative folks who are becoming decidedly alarmist, are predicting enormous increases in gas prices sometime in the next decade. Bike folk hope it will happen sooner.

Be prepared. Even if it's not Global Economic Gas Crisis, maybe (as in the scenario covered in this excellent blog post) you're in debt, out of credit, and suddenly become under-employed, you may find yourself in need of a new reality that doesn't include spending hundreds each month on gas, maintenance, and car insurance. What kind of bike do you need for your own personal End Times?

Blogger TH talks to some bike experts (and watches the considerable resourcefulness of the local homeless bike riders) and comes up with the following tips: