YouTube invites you to play in Carnegie Hall


Are you a frustrated virtuoso who should be playing in an orchestra conducted by Michael Tilton Thomas instead of entertaining hyperkenetic eight-year-olds at Chucky Cheese? Then this might be your big break; YouTube is organizing a virtual orchestra to play in the first virtual performance in Carnegie Hall next April.

To try out for the first world-class virtual orchestra, check out the YouTube Symphony Orchestra channel. There you'll pick your instrument, receive sheet music (no playing by ear here!), and rehearse with the conductor.

Once you've polished your schtick, you'll make a tryout video and upload it. Those who make the cut will get a virtual chair in the orchestra, playing the Internet Symphony by Tan Dun, conducted by Tilton Thomas. You will, of course, need to rent a virtual tux or long black dress for the performance.

While details of further performances were not forthcoming, I'm expecting the orchestra to follow up the premiere with a virtual tour of venues such as Sim City, Second Life, Azeroth, and Springfield.

Addendum: As more information has come forth, we learn that participants, will, in fact, be flown to New York to perform the concert in person, live, all on YouTube's nickel. Sweet!