UPS promotes regifting for the holidays


This could go down as the year that regifting became a widespread Christmas tradition as millions of Americans, broke but in need of gifts to give, repackage those gifts they received in the past but never used. That's the hope behind a new UPS program, anyway.

The program works like this: you take a photo of an item you want to regift, upload it to the Regifter site, then send a virtual card to the person to whom you are giving the gift. That person can then either accept the gift, or, and this is the fun part, in turn regift the gift to yet another person. Only when someone accepts the gift will you then send it to them; by UPS, we assume.

After uploading a gift, the sender may instead choose to send one of the many other gag gifts thrown into the regifting pool by other ersatz Santa Clauses.

The company has also integrated the program into Facebook, so you can use that platform to regift Notre Dame football jerseys, Palin eyeglasses, or stocks in GM to your friends.