The top ten irritating phrases to avoid at the office


Oxford University has compiled a list of the top ten irritating phrases that people use. The compiled the list by monitoring the use of phrases in a database which included books, paper, magazines, broadcast, the Internet and other sources.

Many annoyingly over-used phrases begin as office lingo, such as 24/7 and "synergy," and then enter the mainstream. Regardless of their origin, you will have more credibility if you avoid the following:

  • At the end of the day...Come on, can't you think of a more original way to summarize your thoughts?

  • Fairly unique...Not even sure what this one means.

  • I personally...Of course, it is you. You are the one talking. Who else would it be?

  • At this moment in time...It is the only moment we are at, so why do you have to point it out?

  • With all due respect...Anyone listening knows that the next words out are a criticism so just get to the point.