Subway serves the turkeys that Bush didn't pardon


This year, economizing has reached shambolic levels: America is being served President Bush's Thanksgiving leftovers. We may not have an accurate death count of civilians killed as a result of the Iraq War, but at least the major news outlets can be counted on to cover at least one story from all angles. I'm referring to the ridiculous annual tradition in which politicians "pardon" a turkey just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Guess where there ones who don't get pardoned wind up? This week, on your plate.

Turkey Day Traditions

This year, the turkeys that didn't make the cut will be be made into slices in a sandwich at a Subway chain store near you. Yes, the farm that supplied this year's winners is one of the sub-franchise's main suppliers, and by the time the flightless birds were winging their way to Dubya, the rejects were already being processed into foot-longs.