Gifts For Dad: Colognes that are light on the nose AND the wallet


Recently, Tony Sirico, the actor who played "Pauly Walnuts" on The Sopranos, followed in the footsteps of Puff Daddy, Carlos Santana, and Kiss by releasing a personal scent.

Unfortunately, unlike his celebrity competition, Pauly Walnuts looks like the kind of cheesy, olfactorally-damaged mouk that puts on way too much cheap cologne before getting in an elevator with me. Needless to say, I was not reassured by Mr. Sirico's claim that his "Paolo Per Uomo" scent was made with cognac. While the idea of smelling like a mobster is unappealing, the idea of smelling like a drunk mobster sounds even worse.

By all accounts, Paolo Per Uomo is pretty awful. Reviews have ranged from "the typical wiseguy scent" and "smells like grandpa" to "aggressive, cheesy, and overpowering" and [smells like] "a hard night." One commenter noted "top notes of cigar ash and polyester jumpsuits with hints of stripper sweat and a cream-filled cannoli." All of this, however, is to be expected of a scent that was named after a fictional character, much less one that was titled in Italian by a native English speaker.