What's out: The Atkins diet. What's in: The Cookie Diet?


Our fiscal belt-tightening may well cause turmoil in the ., weight loss, business. As America struggles with a 25% obesity rate, our waistline will continue to be a concern, but tempered by our newly-trim wallet.

Diet regimes that depend on pre-packaged meals, such as Jenny Craig, will be the first to feel the pinch (an inch). A 2005 Forbes study of the costs of well-known weight-loss plans pegged Jenny Craig at $137.65 per week. Other overweight progams were NutriSystem at $113.52 and the Atkins (low carb) Diet at $100.52. Weight Watchers, the program that, in my opinion, offers the best combination of a healthy diet and support, comes in fourth at $100.52.

So where can a well-rounded person turn for dieting on a budget? The cheapest program, according to Forbes, is the Subway Sandwich, aka Jared, Diet, at $68.60, Sugar Busters, $69.62, and Slim-Fast, $77.73.

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