Black Friday HDTV breakdown by price, size, store and more!


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Black Friday is widely known for low prices on everything from electronics to toys and kitchenware but if you ask the average consumer what they will be purchasing on this, the day of massive sales; they're likely to respond, "HDTV!" For low and mid-range HDTVs there's no time like Friday to buy and this year the prices are reaching record lows even without the help of rebates.

In fact, USA Today took a look at HDTV sales this holiday season and found that most retailers will be selling them, "at near cost." on Black Friday. Additionally, due to an oversupply of HDTVs in the marketplace retailers are likely to cut prices 10-25% over the weekend according to one analyst.

Since everyone's HDTV needs are different, has assembled a chart of the HDTV sales across retailers that will be on sale come Friday. The list is an amazingly useful tool for anyone in the market for a new TV. It not only breaks the offerings down by size and price but also by store. Additionally, you can easily see if the TV is LCD or Plasma and what is the maximum resolution.

3deals also has a price history for many of the TVs; making it easy to see just how good the deal actually is. Price checking a Black Friday deal is especially important; since as USA Today notes, some TV sale prices are simply everyday prices dressed up with a starburst "SALE!" sign.

By using this tool I was able to help a coworker find what TV he wanted to get in just a few minutes; rather than the hours he could have spent comparing ad after ad. If you are having trouble figuring out how big you should go or how small you can survive with, be sure to check out the TV size guide which will suggest sizes based on how far away from the TV you sit.

After you've found your perfect TV, be sure to hit up WalletPop's guide to store openings and online sale times to plan your shopping assault. The list combines store opening times as well as the times of online sales for over 15 of the biggest Black Friday contenders. We'll be covering Black Friday Deals even as we gobble up our turkey, so hit us up before you head out Friday morning to be the most informed shopper in line!