10 New Scams for Troubled Times


We have a very important warning for you today about a new wave of scams being reported nationwide. This financial crisis has unleashed a new torrent of scam artists who are working overtime to get their hands on your money. We want to make sure that doesn't happen.

Many of these scams prey on current fears about bank safety, mortgage foreclosure, and the credit crisis. Learn how to protect yourself as we expose 10 popular scams being run right now.

1. Phishing scams related to the financial crisis
According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is a new round of email scams out there that are tied to the financial crisis. Many of these emails "phish" for personal information -- your Social Security number, account numbers, passwords, etc. The scammer then uses that info to steal your identity.

Proceed with extreme caution if you get an email that purports to be from your mortgage company, a government agency, or other official institution. If the email is requesting ANY personal information, you know it's a scam. No government or reputable financial institution will ask you to share confidential information in an email.