Eight tips to conquer holidays weight gain


The easiest way to lose weight is to avoid putting it on in the first place, a strategy that becomes even more important over the next six weeks. As we enter into the holiday season, the average American will put on a pound or two before the first of the year, some much more, but such a fate is not inevitable. Here are some tips to help you enjoy, rather than regret, the season.

1. Eat what you enjoy, and enjoy what you eat. I'm convinced that we don't gain weight from the food we savor. The villain is food we eat without even noticing we've done so, at parties and family get-togethers while engrossed in conversation. Keep you hands out of the nut tray, the candy dish, the beer cooler. Leave the table when you're full. Start the party by fixing yourself a tall, iced low-cal drink and move snacks away from where you intend to sit. If you have to munch on something, find a veggie tray.

2. Keep track of what you eat. Simply writing down what you eat will help keep you focused on eating with intention. There are many web sites such as my-calorie-counter.com that will aid you in this.

3. Focus on eating, rather than not eating. Set a goal of eating five fruits and vegetables each day, and plenty of dietary fiber, before starting on the high-calorie foods. You'll find yourself satisfied with more modest portions of the stuffing and gravy, the pumpkin pie.