Toys your kids want versus toys you'll want to give them


Every year, the National Retail Foundation releases a survey about what toys kids want for the holidays. It doesn't change that much, really -- girls want dolls, boys want cars, both want Nintendo Wii. The big news this year is that Barbie is battling it out with Hannah Montana for girls' affections, Bratz luckily are losing steam, and Dora the Explorer unfortunately fell off the list. For boys, Star Wars and Hot Wheels replaced Spider-Man and Thomas the Tank fell off in desirability.

2008 Top Toys For Girls
1. Barbie (last year's rank: 1)
2. Hannah Montana (2)
3. Dolls - generic (3)
4. Bratz (2)
5. Nintendo Wii (7)

2008 Top Toys For Boys
1. Video Games (last year's rank: 2)
2. Nintendo Wii (3)
3. Legos (6)
4. Cars - generic (4)
5. Transformers (1)