More Black Friday news: Kohl's is the latest to promise steep discounts


The following may not be a shocker, but in the world of shopping, it's news.

Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets are reporting that Kohl's has announced that it's offering steep discounts -- much more than usual -- for the day after Thanksgiving, which, of course, is the day that traditionally the holiday shopping season begins. It also plans to announce that it will be promoting one item a day from December 1 through Christmas, with discounts of as much as 75%.

Now, granted, of course, everyone slashes prices on Black Friday, but The Wall Street Journal says that last year Kohl's didn't drop prices on its most expensive, fashionable labels, like Simply Vera and Elle. This year, however, it will be discounting its high-end labels, along with all of its women's brands, and discounting heavily -- as much as 40-50%.

It will also have some 300 early-bird deals on Friday, which is a 20% bump from last year.

According to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, customers can go to the Kohl's web site and sign up for email alerts for its daily deal, or have them arrive via a widget on their desk top or through their web site.