Burger King loses wallets to gain customers!


The King, possibly the scariest and happiest fast food mascot is having trouble holding on to his wallet. Over the past few weeks, individuals in Chicago and Orlando have found wallets stuffed with the King's possessions as well as a note asking them to keep the wallet and have a whopper on the King!

In all, the King will lose 5,000 wallets during this promotion, illustrating a serious need for a wallet chain! Each wallet contains a driver's license, cash, map of local Burger Kings and a gift certificate! The amount of cash ranges from $1 to $100 and features the King in place of a dead president! Several individuals are also reporting that the King left behind a receipt for getting his "Bling Cleaned".

Losing wallets as a way to promote a business isn't new; McDonalds ran a similar campaign in 2006 and GE Financial services gave away a $100,000 investment account and several mortgage payments back in 2000. Lost wallets aren't just a U.S. method of advertising; they have been used to promote a financial newspaper in Sao Paulo as well.

Although advertising with lost wallets isn't new, it's still fun, and makes me wish I lived in a bigger city where companies advertise like this. Even if Burger King stuffed each wallet with a $20 the advertising from this campaign is sure to pay off as the story of lost wallets has already invaded workplaces, blogs and Twitter.