Woman finds black widow spider in the grapes she bought at Costco

black widow spider
black widow spider

I've never been afraid of spiders, generally speaking. After all, I'm a grown man. If we have a spider in the house, and I'm up against it, there isn't much of a contest.

That said, I'm talking about your average little spider here. I suspect that if I had been in my kitchen and found a black widow while washing some grapes that I had purchased at Costco, as a Seattle woman recently did, I might not talk so tough.

Yep, one Nancy Pitts was washing red grapes when she spotted the infamous spider. She managed to catch it and then decided to look online and try to determine what kind of arachnid she had. That's when she learned she had the black widow, well known for its deadly bite. And as it turns out, this isn't all that uncommon. In Hawaii, Julie Klaz, a scuba diver instructor in Kealakehe, Kona, was washing grapes from a Costco, when she discovered a two-inch black widow scurrying about.