Gazelle: A better way to recycle your electronics


After doing a round of holiday cleaning at our apartment, I discovered a treasure trove of gadgets which still worked, but no longer met my needs. Thankfully I also found, a company that buys old electronics for resale or recycle.

I tested out with three items I had on hand; an old camera without a power adapter, a Dell PDA with all original wires and manuals, and a digital video camera with power cord. For my collection of slightly used gadgets I am being paid $124, more than I could likely get on eBay due to the lack of accessories.

Selling your stuff to Gazelle is simple:

  1. Look up your item on the Gazelle site.

  2. Answer a few questions about the quality and accessories.

  3. Click "calculate" and see what Gazelle will offer you.

  4. Send your items back to Gazelle with free shipping label.

  5. Get paid via check, Paypal or Amazon gift card.

Currently Gazelle buys goods from 11 categories including; video games and consoles, GPS units, phones, movies, digital cameras, laptops and more. If the item you want to sell isn't already in the catalog you can request a customized quote, which is calculated within 24 hours.