Florida lotto winner faces new problem: his estranged wife wants half!


On Tuesday of this week, Floridian William Cody found himself staring across a courtroom at his estranged wife, Ida. In a country where the divorce rate still hovers around 50%, this is pretty common, but the circumstances surrounding this particular battle are actually unique. While the Codys have been separated for over 25 years, William recently won $1.9 million in the lottery and Ida was suing for half of the take.

Although the Codys haven't shared a home since Ronald Reagan was in his first Presidential term, they have stayed on fairly good terms over the years. Until recently, they regularly went to the dog track together, and Ida often drove William to various appointments. In fact, according to court documents, when William won the lottery, he offered Ida $55,000, in addition to the $25,000 that he gave to some of their shared children. However, she rejected the offer and is currently demanding $950,000.

Ida Cody's claim hinges on her allegation that she loaned William the money for his lottery ticket, in return for which he promised her half of his winnings. The jury in this case is expected to render a verdict later today. However, even if Ida Cody loses this round, she already plans to (finally!) file for divorce. Under Florida law, she may then qualify for half of her husband's assets. Regardless, William should probably not spend his winnings just yet!

UPDATE: After one hour of deliberation, the jury in this case determined that Ida Cody was not entitled to any of her husband's lottery winnings.

Bruce Watson is a freelance writer, blogger, and all-around cheapskate. While he sometimes wonders what happened to his ex-girlfriends, he's now starting to wonder if he really wants to find out. Regardless, he probably won't be buying any lotto tickets.