What Shaking? - The Latest on Games.com

I have been freed from some of the official nature of this blog. Here is the latest:

1. We've changed the name of the blog to Games.com Blog from Games.com News. No the logo hasn't been changed but it will.

2. Did you know here we have a Facebook fan page that you can sign up for? You can sign up here

3. My favorite game company (aside Games.com) Playfish has released a new game! Their latest game is Mini Golf Party. If you haven't played any playfish games, please go on Facebook and install them. They are fun and just great.

4. Did you know? Games.com has a Youtube page? You can go there and check out videos of our most popular games, Click here to check out YouTube.com page.

5. We continue to have issues with our games. This time however we figured things out quickly and got them fixed. thanks everyone for their continued patience.

Anything else? What am I missing?

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