The future is just about now: heating your house with geothermal energy


If you feel a wave of hopelessness the next time you look at your utility bill because the cost of heating your home seems like it's more and more out of control, keep your fingers crossed. Sooner or later, geothermal energy will take off. Maybe it already has. A few quick steps and a tax-deductible investment could help you cut your heating bills by two-thirds. Ready to learn what you need to know?

First, what the heck is geothermal energy?
It's energy that comes from ground water.

So why should we care?
You know how caves are always about 55 degrees? If it's the summer and you go in a cave, it's 55 degrees. If's the dead of the winter and minus 11 on the mercury, but you go into a cave, it's 55 degrees. Well, ground water works the same way.