Motrin tries to get on moms' side, misses horribly


Motrin just wants to let you know, mamas: the company feels your pain! Or so goes the tagline in its newest campaign. The one launched during International Babywearing Week. The one which has moms on blogs and Twitter so incensed they're making videos explaining to Motrin how that no, the company does NOT feel their pain.

The animated text video was probably supposed to be edgy and sympathetic, starting by saying that "Babywearing seems to be in fashion," and going on to point out a few of the benefits, like keeping babies from crying as much. "But what about me: do moms that wear their babies cry more than those who don't?" the ad asks, pointing out all the places that babywearing hurts (back, neck, shoulders, BACK) and grudgingly accepting the practice.

Moms who do wear their babies were in shock over the video, most mentioning that, if you wear your baby correctly, you won't feel this all-over pain; and feeling scarred that Motrin is, with its sarcasm, castigating a practice that moms believe is central to their relationship with their babies. Seriously?

Several moms on Twitter promised never to use Motrin again; even babywearing dads (including my husband) are incensed. Perhaps Motrin's marketing team will be crying like the little iconic woman pictured here come Monday morning.