Future of American beer dependent on Buffalo's tastes


It shouldn't be a surprise that the future of beer prices in America should depend on Buffalo, New York. After all, Buffalo brought us the Buffalo wings, and ... some other stuff having to do with beer.

Most importantly, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse are all big fans of European-owned brew Labatt Blue (and its low-calorie sibling, Labatt Blue Light). Such big fans, it turns out, that they are responsible for 50% of the Labatt Blue consumption in the U.S. Upstate New York is also a big fan of Budweiser brands, including Bud and Bud Light.

Why does this all matter? Because the U.S. Justice Department is uncomfortable with the people of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, New York having to pay more for beer. Yesterday a judge ruled that InBev SA, the owner of Labatt Blue and the hopeful suitor of Anheuser-Busch, would have to sell Labatt USA if it wanted to buy Budweiser.

People of Buffalo, New York, take heed: the U.S. Justice Department cares about how much you have to pay for your beer!