Results of recent WalletPop reader polls

We occasionally add polls to our posts to get your take on hot topics. I thought this would be a good time to report back on the results of some of our recent polls.

After reporting that the U.S. passports are, in part, produced overseas, we asked the question "Do you think U.S. passports should be made in the U.S.?" The results-

  • 98% (32,490 people) voted yes
  • 1%, (31), felt it doesn't matter
  • 1% (39), voted no

After reporting that the Wheel of Fortune had raised its top prize to $1,000,000, we asked, "What would you do if you won a million bucks?"

  • 32.8% (6,516) would spend it
  • 55.4% (11,002) would save it
  • 3.2% (639) would donate it
  • 8.6% (1,714) would invest it in the stock market.

Not a lot of confidence in the market, is there?

After my post conjecturing where the U.S. will be in four years we asked, "What do you see in your crystal ball?" for the nation's immediate future.

  • 38.1% (8,545) voters saw better times ahead
  • 51.1% (11,453) voters saw worse times ahead
  • 10.8% (2,411) voters thought things would remain the same

We asked you if you'd consider living without a motor vehicle, and you responded-

  • 12.6% (185) already do
  • 32.8% (481) would consider it
  • 28.1% (413) doubt they'd ever do so
  • 26.5% (289) would give up their motor vehicle when they pried your dead, cold fingers from the steering wheel

Frankly, I question that over 40% of Americans would willingly live without a car. The country just isn't built for mass transportation.

After reporting on price jumps at Red Lobster and Olive Garden we asked "Will price increases change your dining-out habits?" You voted-

  • 17.7% (4,513) didn't think the price had changed enough to make a difference
  • 70.0% (17,819) have already cut back
  • 12.3% (3,135) are considering a change

Please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments section of our posts, or by responding to these polls. Thanks to all those who participated! We'll report back on the results from time to time.

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