Still need to cut back? Ten new ways to save at work


So you already pack your lunch and you've cut back on that latte habit. You still have to get dressed every day, get to work and stay there all day long, and that means you're most likely spending a few dollars here and there. How can you cut back even more? Here are ten suggestions you probably haven't heard a thousand times before:

Tupperware It
You want to update your wardrobe, but don't want to spend any cash. What do to? Trade. There are surely plenty of items in your closet that are perfectly fine, but maybe they don't fit right at the moment or you are simply bored with them. So fix up a little swap party with your pals. Everyone can bring some mix-and-match items to the party and you can try things on and swap. Then, if you have buyer's (or seller's) remorse, all it will take is a phone call to set things right.

Got Milk?
You may not work for a company like Google, which supplies full meals and snacks to its employees, but it's likely that your company supplies items like milk, sugar, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Just think of the possibilities! Add a container of oatmeal or grits to your cubicle stash, and you've got a hearty, filling snack for just pennies. Heck, you can even spring for a 39-cent box of instant pudding and have an afternoon snack (or four). Or you can go a little gourmet if you bring in a few ingredients from home and make a steamed chocolate pudding in the microwave.