Problems On - The Frustration Mounts - Larry Loses it.


It has not been a good week for the team. We've had days in a row with games not working properly.

I receive emails, message board posts and phone calls from angry community members every day. I empathize with you and promise it is going to get better. It is going to get better because it HAS TO.

Unfortunately, I can't do the coding myself to make things work. If I could I would. The picture to the left is a REAL MOMENT in which I was gritting my teeth at our poor product manager telling him that we have to MAKE IT WORK.

Thankfully we have a plan. We're making difficult decisions that will likely affect our games going forward. More details as they become available.

Please understand that we always put your interests first. I know it does not always seem that way but it is a fact. We have a lot of complex technology that runs our games and when things aren't working we cannot simply turn it off or make it work easily. Things are wildly intertwined and sometimes we just have to wait and hope the guys with the pointy hats get things fixed.

I want to thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding as we work through these issues. We know you have a choice in where you play your free online games and we do not ever want to take your time for granted.

I am taking your struggle to our developers and we will "JUST MAKE IT WORK!"
If you need to contact me or let me know about an issue you can do anyway you feel comfortable:
Phone: 347-222-6540
AIM: lcourtines