NJ Nets reach out to unemployed fans


In these hard economic times, many sports fans have had to cut out expensive tickets and settle for the nosebleed section, or even staying home. New Jersey Nets chief executive Brett Yormark doesn't like to see his team's fans struggle, though. Known for his efforts to give back to his basketball team's supporters, he's championing a new program to help unemployed Nets fans weather the rough times.

Through the new Nets Unemployment Program, the team will give away 1,500 free tickets to unemployed fans who register with the program. Fans can submit resumes at njnets.com, which the team will then pass on to potential employers, including its corporate partners. On November 22, the Nets will host a career fair at the Izod Center, where the team plays its home games.

Kudos to the Nets for reaching out like this. Most professional sports teams put regular game attendance out of reach even for many middle-class fans, with ticket prices looking more like car payments. Yormark has tried other outreach programs in the past, including $299 season tickets and paying for one hour of tolls at Exit 16W on the New Jersey Turnpike to thank fans. It's good that at least one team in pro sports recognizes the base of its franchise.