Glamping: The green way to waste your money

tent bungalows at costanoa
tent bungalows at costanoa

Got a luxury hotel problem? And by "problem" I mean, you love your luxury hotel stays, but they're just so not green. You'd love to spend your money frivolously while breathing in the fresh air! Not camping so much ... something with showers and room service but otherwise just like camping ... ok, maybe some nice cushy mattresses and 1,000-thread-count sheets ...

Meet "glamping," glamorous camping, for those who want to rough it but would rather spend way, way more for it. Zaproot features the practice on today's video, noting, "what they're lacking, though, is WiFi! Come on people, we're not savages." According to the New York Times, glamping "can still be an environmentally sound experience" with amenities like composting toilets, solar showers, and rainwater collection for use on the "camp" site.

While some glampsites go for as much as $700 a night, "bargains" are to be had, such as at Costanoa Coastal Lodge and Camp in Pescadero, California, where "tent bungalows" can be rented for as little as $115 a night during the week. But how can you argue with the CAD 1,500-per-night (double occupancy!) rates at British Columbia's Wilderness Outpost at Bedwell River? After all, they include an environmental sustainability fee. (And a massage.) Do you think you can deduct this on your taxes as a charitable contribution?