At least they didn't send Mike Wallace: 60 Minutes responds to a WalletPop post


I have it on good authority that some of the people who work at 60 Minutes read WalletPop. While granted, I'm not around to see this, I imagine probably first thing in the morning, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bob Simon and the other correspondents are gathered around a PC in the office, shoving each other aside, trying to get the best view of what the latest post is. And I'm sure in the mix of this throng is Andy Rooney, peering through their shoulders and over their heads, jotting everything on WalletPop -- particularly my posts -- hoping to turn them into amusing closing segments for the show.

OK, I'm making a few (dozen) giant leaps of deluded logic, maybe the most ridiculous being that 60 Minutes would only have one PC monitor in their offices. But I did hear from one of the producers from 60 Minutes, who saw the post I wrote about their segment that aired last Sunday on e-waste, and, sure, someone may have sent my post to him, and so maybe even this producer doesn't read WalletPop regularly, but let me have my fun, okay?

He wrote me the following:

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