A silver lining in the friendly skies: Airlines are leaving on time


Although delays have long been an expected part of the air travel experience, 2007 marked something of a high point for lengthy layovers; over the course of that year, 25% of all domestic flights failed to arrive on time. While Fall 2008 has shown marked improvement over the past year, a few airlines are still vying for the title of the most delayed flight in the USA. According to USA Today, the winner is American Airlines' flight 1267 from Miami to San Juan, which was late 86.7% of the time in October, the latest data available.

Also tops on the list: Comair flight 6273 from Cleveland to Atlanta was late 82.8% of the time.

On the bright side for those stuck waiting for those flights, Miami International Airport has La Carreta, a well-reviewed Cuban restaurant, while Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has several local restaurants and two local breweries. With a little planning and the right flight to Atlanta or San Juan, you can continue to experience the joys of air travel, 2007 style!

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