Economic crisis leads many to psychics


WIRED reports that after the DOW took its 700 point drop back in September business began booming for many Internet psychics. As people watched their retirement accounts and jobs disappear they turned to these Internet mediums to figure out what was going to happen in the coming weeks, even if they wouldn't have taken the answer for free a day earlier. It turns out that this trend isn't out of the ordinary, just like get rich scams ramp up in times of economic crisis, people also lend more belief to psychics and superstition in an attempt to gain some control.

While the rates of these psychics may seem cheap at $2-$3 a minute, a half hour with a fortune teller can easily cost you more than an hour of consultation with a real financial advisor. I'd like to think none of our readers are dense enough to waste money on a false time line for losing or getting a job but some of the deleted comments tell me I'm wrong. Just in case you've been thinking about it; here are six better ways to spend time and money than talking to an Internet psychic.

  1. Call a friend and talk about your options over a dinner at home.

  2. Spend the $100 on supplies for starting your own business.

  3. Purchase resume paper and mailing supplies.

  4. Take a hard look at your finances and plan for the tough months ahead.

  5. Relax (Don't Do It) - take a break from your troubles and enjoy a favorite movie at home.

  6. Read to find out how others are coping.

Even though calling a psychic or answering a get rich quick scheme may seem like an quick solution, it's just an easy way to lose more money. Simply put; don't attach yourself to false hope or spend the money you need to save on Internet psychics.