Home improvements that increase the resale value of your home


For parents whose last little bird has finally flown to coop, the combination of available space at home and expanded cash flow offers potential for a new kind of nesting. While the home improvement possibilities are many, the current state of the housing market demands projects that'll deliver both immediate enjoyment and a strong return on investment down the line.

Before making a move toward the local home improvement center, wise empty-nesters should review Remodeling Online's Cost vs. Value Report, which delivers recent data on popular improvements and the return on investment you can count on when it comes time to sell. The size of the project, elements and costs are included among the categories, and can help you judge just how far to go with your plans.

For instance, a Major Kitchen Remodel may be tempting, especially when you see that 78.1 percent of the cost could be recouped at selling time, but the less-is-more route of a Minor Kitchen Remodel actually nets a higher return on investment at 83 percent.