Cheaper than dating...and he doesn't snore


If you're a single woman tired of the dating scene, but you still enjoy cuddling up with your man at night, then this item is just for you - - The Boyfriend Arm Pillow. He's quiet. His dimensions are proportionate. He never needs a shower. He's always available. He doesn't hog the covers. He's always pleasant.

And he can be yours for the low, low one-time investment of $19.95. And this truly is an investment in your future. Think of all the things you'll never have to worry about: Whether he's out spending your money. If he's seeing another woman. If he'll be "in the mood" to cuddle tonight.

I think there is a seriously bright future out there for this pillow. (And if you're married? You can get one too. They understand how things change after the vows. Maybe this guy will make your husband a little jealous and get him back in the mood for cuddling.