Free Redbox movie

redboxNow that the election's over, do you need something to do? You could score a free rental from Redbox for signing up for their service. The site works like this -- you reserve a DVD online, then go pick it up at a location near you. The cost is $1 per night. The selection is not as vast as Netflix, say, but, then again, you are not locked into any subscription fee and there's no mail turnaround when you send out a DVD and wait to get a new one. There's also not as big a selection as your local video store, but these days, there's no guarantee that you have a video store near you.

Redbox is hoping to make converts out of people who want that guaranteed Internet-based service but want a movie right now. Where can you find one of these kiosks? Your local supermarket is a good start. There are over 3,500 at Wal-Mart locations. The company, now majority owned by Coinstar (with McDonald's another major investor), had 9,600 boxes over the summer, and Coinstar reported that the divisions revenue was up 200% from the prefvious year. So taking a free rental from them won't hurt business any.
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