Weird Al promises Whatever You Like ... on a budget


If TI (aka The King of the South's) recent hit single Whatever You Like is any indicator of how the rap star demographic was affected by the economic failings of October, it's pretty clear that they're in for higher taxes once Obama takes office. In fact, for most of us, the high flying, big spending lifestyle of rap superstars was out of our reach even before the economy took a detour; but that doesn't mean all entertainers have forgotten Joe Six Pack!

Weird Al, the master of parodies, took it upon himself to create a version of TI's Whatever You Like which focuses on how he will still treat his sweetie right even though, "our economy's in the toilet ." Weird Al humorously trades in handbags and jets for goodwill underwear and bus tokens as he attempts to impress his "shorty" and still come in under budget.

Whatever You Like was just the relief I needed from the reports of factory closings and unemployment that cover my hometown newspaper. Don't get me wrong, the current state of the economy is no laughing matter; but I still got a chuckle knowing Weird Al was helping me learn how to sweet talk my wife without breaking the bank. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make some Top Ramen and Tater Tots!