Open forum: Crystal ball time- where will you be in four years?

As we revel in the exhausted quiet of post-election, I though this would be a good time for us to look forward a few years. Take your best guess as to where you personally will be at the time of the 2012 election.

Here's what I see in my crystal ball-

  • My stock portfolio will have recovered most of its value, but interest rates will climb as the U.S. finds it more difficult to borrow from abroad.
  • Our national debt and the drive for some minimal health care for the uninsured will force the government to take measures to reduce the overwhelming burden of social security obligations. I'm anticipating that the retiree's social security payments will be indexed against their after-tax income, so my income from pensions, IRAs, 401Ks and other investments will shrink my social security check.
  • The next step toward national health care will come in the form of an expansion in Medicare eligibility, but not for the middle-class.
  • . Without a super-majority, the Democrats will have to accept very modest progress on this issue.
  • We will see increased tax incentives on high-mileage vehicles and/or surcharges on low-mileage vehicles. If the latter, I look for this to come about as a way of funding alternative fuel research.
  • I expect to be paying more for schools, as the echo generation enters their child-rearing years.
  • I anticipate a glut of large family homes in high-tax suburbs on the market as we boomers look to downsize and reduce our tax burden.
  • I think I'll be working at a job that didn't even exist in 2008. The Internet evolves way faster than politics.
  • I think Barak Obama's race will be a non-issue.
  • I think we'll still have our fingers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and neither country will be stable. I'm very nervous about Pakistan and Egypt, too.

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