Broke for the holidays: Ten quick ideas

Ten gift ideas for the Broke-for-the-holidays:

1. Loan of your car (or even better, pickup) for a weekend.

2. Offer to tend a grave of their choice (obviously, not one you would be expected to tend to anyway).

3. Offer to put up one of their out-of-town guests at your house, gratis.

4. Donate a day of your labor to their particular charity; Habitat for Humanity, the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and many other organizations always need willing hands.

5. Cat/dog sit. Many animals don't travel well, especially cats, so caring for them at their home is best.

6. Research your giftee's genealogy online and at Church of the Latter Day Saints Family History Centers.

7. Take your giftee to a free workshop/presentation. Check local colleges, libraries and art organizations for freebees of interest.

8. Search book stores and eBay for a magazine printed on the week of their birth. Low cost, high interest.

9. If you're tech-savvy, give them a license that allows them to consider you as their computer help desk.

10. Give them Ten 'You're right, I'm wrong" coupons that can be redeemed to resolve arguments in their favor. Careful, though; these can cost you dearly!

The key to these is your commitment. It means nothing to give the promise for a service you are sure will never be asked for. Give something you know will be needed, and take responsibility to persist in offering until your giftee takes advantage of the offer. You'll feel better for it.
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