Underrated in America: Congressional representatives


Even though these men and women are first and foremost legislators who shape the face of our legal system; many of us take for granted the "little" things they can do for us. I know up until a year ago I had only a faint notion of what my congressman did outside of legislating, but that all changed when I ran into consumer issue that even I could not fix. I soon found out that my local congressman was severely underrated; on top of representing my interests in legislature, he also provides me many other services.

The formative experience that made me realize how much I had underrated my congressman was when I had trouble consolidating some student loans. After numerous phone calls to both lenders with no results I reached out to Jim Jordan, my local representative. His office was able to get in touch with the right people and get the loans consolidated within a matter of weeks; saving me close to $300 a month. For more on how to use your congressman or woman to solve student issues check out WalletPop's guide.

On top of that helping you with student loan disputes they can also:

  • Help with federal agencies such as housing, Veterans' benefits, Social Security and Medicare.
    Arrange tours at points of interest in DC.

  • Assist with Passport and immigration issues.

  • Nominate you for a U.S. Service Academy such as West Point.

  • Help you get a Congressional internship.

  • Provide you with a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol.

  • Congratulatory letters for birthdays anniversaries, retirements and more.

  • Assistance requesting federal funding.

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