Fantastic Freebies: Free tall Starbucks coffee if you voted


Have you voted yet?

In Oregon, where I live, we vote by mail -- my husband and I voted together Friday night and handed the ballots off at the county elections office Saturday. We're set.

And so now I know what I'll be doing Tuesday morning in the place of the booth voting ritual I miss sometimes: I'll be going to Starbucks down the street to pick up my free tall coffee. In an advertisement on NBC's Saturday Night Live tonight, Starbucks promised it would give a free coffee on November 4 to anyone who says they've voted.

If your area doesn't give voting proof, Starbucks will go on the honor system; and the offer is good at all company-owned stores. The idea behind the free coffee for voters concept came from discussion.

Watch the 60-second ad (friends were reporting tears so watch it!) after the jump: