Famous jeweler is closing up shop

Perhaps you've already heard. One of our beloved mall-based jewelry chains is closing it's doors for good. A quick trip to the Whitehall Jewelers Website makes it all too plain. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June, the company is liquidating it's inventory and is calling it quits.

A report from azcentral.com, a popular Arizona news source, indicates that Chicago-based Whitehall is closing 373 stores nationwide. Some of those stores carry the Whitehall name, some have done business under the name Lundstrom Jewelers. Indications are that the company will terminate business by Christmas, or when all items have been sold.

Keeping in mind that these store closures will put many good people out of work, (I'm guessing about 2,000), there is an opportunity here to purchase some fine jewelry at very deep price reductions. Whitehall indicates that it is liquidating one half billion dollars worth of jewelry, at prices from 50% to 70% off the previously tagged prices. I can make no representations about the company's products, quality, or value, but 70% off just about anything is generally worth looking into.

I believe that I've made at least one purchase from Whitehall Jewelers. I know for certain that I've been in their stores. I also know that I've always enjoyed those enticing jewelry stores, with their long polished cases, lovingly filled with gold and silver eye candy, nestled among those comfy trays of black felt. It seems a terrible shame to me that this longstanding company must fade into the sunset.

Perhaps their vacated mall space will be filled with yet another cell phone retailer, or another imported candle and gift shop. Or maybe it'll just go cold, dark, and vacant, unattended and sealed with plywood and duct tape. In any case, I just don't feel too good about this company's demise.

It's a sign of the times, I guess.
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