Millionaire wins $1 million a year for life. Lynch mob scheduled for 5 p.m.

In a story bound to raise the ire of lottery players everywhere, The New York Post reported today that the first person to win New York's new scratch-off lottery game $1 Million a Year for Life is already a multi-millionaire. Keenan Atunis, born in Turkey but raised in the U.S., is currently working in England for Unicredit.

If that doesn't steam you enough, how about this? Thanks to a U.S.-Britain agreement, since Atunis is not a U.S. citizen he won't have to pay U.S. income tax on the prize, although New York will collect state income tax.

Altunis, in the U.S. for a family gathering, gave his mom $100 to buy some of the $30 a ticket game cards. He says that the current market turmoil put him in the frame of mind to take a chance on padding his fortunes. He doesn't, however, expect it to change his life much.

He might be surprised by how many people take his name in vain.

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