Gosh, I'm awful sorry that I like my pick-up truck

pick-up truck"Be man enough to admit that you are a selfish jacka** with a massive sense of self-entitlement who doesn't give a s**t about anybody but yourself. At least I'd have to say you had some courage of conviction, even if that conviction is way off the mark. Right now, all y'are is a selfish, boorish jerk."

The above is part of a comment I received on a recent blog post in which I stated that I like my full sized pick-up truck. I'd like to reply to the above comment:

Why I might be considered selfish for owning my truck is a mystery to me. My 1997 Chevrolet pick-up truck put food on the tables of American workers, and dollars in American pension funds. Trucks like mine have provided jobs all across North America. Gosh, we who own domestically made trucks are very sorry about that.

My truck has hauled literally tons of recovered scrap metal to return to the product stream. My truck kept that material out of the landfills and again helped to provide American jobs. My truck has hauled hundreds of trees for planting. You know, those trees which clean the air you breathe. My truck has hauled feed for animals, both domestic and in the wild. My truck has helped people to move their households. My truck has pulled helpless little cars from the ditch. My truck has hauled bricks, tools, equipment, cement, and more. Right now there's wood in the back of my truck which someone might burn for heat. I must apologize for being so short sighted and selfish.

It's not me who demands that my truck be fueled with gasoline. That's a government issue. Don't you see? If someone would convince the government to assist in building the infrastructure needed to bring natural gas to our fueling stations, I'd gladly spend my money to convert my truck to burn that, because it's cleaner and cheaper.

If people have a problem with me enjoying my truck, honestly, I don't think that the problem is me. My truck works for me and I like it. If that bugs someone, really, I'm sorry.

If our issue is with the price of gas and some inevitable environmental happenings, then our best bet is to write to our representatives in Congress. Beating me up without knowing a thing about me, really won't accomplish anything.

Besides, the evidence suggests that I'm already doing my part.
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