Texas woman buys foreclosed home, gives it back to old owner


Imagine yourself, watching your house be auctioned off. Maybe you, like Tracy Orr, were laid off from your job. She worked for the USPS, and she believes she was fired wrongfully (she got a DWI when off-duty), but while she was contesting the job loss, her house was slipping away.

So there you are. Strangers are offering impossibly low bids for your home. You paid $80,000 four years ago, and they're offering $20,000? One asks you if your house is worth the price. You say "yes," you cry more.

She wins the house for $30,000. This is it, you think, I've lost everything. The woman turns to you. Say her name is Marilyn Mock. She says, "I did this for you." What? "You look like you needed a friend."

It's not a day dream: this actually happened, in Pottsboro, Texas. One woman bought another woman's home, and handed it back to her. Whatever the individual circumstances, this was a lovely thing to do. Maybe there is hope for our society. [via Daily Kos, where the evaluation of what this act says about humanity is lovely.]