Sam's Club launching spin-off in Mas Clubs, for Hispanic shoppers

grocery cart
grocery cart

Sam's Club is branching out, at least in Texas. The warehouse club, owned by Wal-Mart, is planning a series of new outlets called Mas Clubs that will cater to Hispanic shoppers. The first store will open in the first half of 2009 in Houston, and will require its own membership fees. The new stories will offer meat and seafood, Hispanic foods and other international brands.

Company spokesperson Kristy Reed told WalletPop that plans also include, "brands well-known in Mexico. We will also have fresh produce, a full-service meat and seafood counter, an open pharmacy, cafe and bakery with products like fresh tortillas, Hispanic pastries and cakes. Members will also enjoy our outdoor, open-air marketplace and outdoor seating at the cafe."

No details yet from the company on how many locations the company will open. Wal-Mart also announced at the same time that it will be cutting back on its expansion plans, so while it is taking away with one hand, it is giving with the other.

Given the rise of the Hispanic population, this is probably a smart move. Even smarter for bargain shoppers would be the ability to shop in both Mas Clubs and Sam's Clubs with one membership fee, but maybe that switch will happen in the future. But as Reed told WalletPop, she thinks the value will stand on its own: "A Mas Club Membership will be the key to quality Hispanic goods and services at an excellent value. We will serve business owners and families who expect to get great deals on their favorite products."