Broke for the holidays: Church Fairs


As the weather cools and the holidays approach, yard sale season ends but the church fair season is just around the corner.

"I often think of going," said a friend,"but I wonder whether what I'll find are crocheted doll toilet paper crafts and the like. Is it worth the effort?"

The answer is: it depends on who you're shopping for and what you like to give as gifts. Holiday fairs are a
longstanding tradition and some of the contributors have been making their specialties for fifty years. You'll find a wonderful variety of baked and canned goods. There will be knitted and crocheted items for adults and especially for children - mittens, hats, sweaters, dolls and doll clothes, blankets. Most fairs also sell wreaths, centerpieces and swags. You'll find handmade ornaments. Some churches have their own traditions - a wheel of cheddar and baskets of apples, a special table with items for children to buy often priced at 25 and 50 cents.