World Series of Cities: Would you take Philly over Tampa?


The Grand High Wizard of all things Best Places, Bert Sperling, has weighed in on which of the two cities, highlighted by the Fall Classic, his data says is the better place to live.

Sperling gives Philly the edge over Tampa by an 8-7 margin, mostly based on Philly's lower unemployment, cultural appeal, higher education and public transportation options. But Tampa keeps it close with better weather, cheaper housing and outdoor recreation.

We're not sure it should even be that close...when was the last time Philly got hit with a hurricane?

At the same time, Tampa does represent a great buying opportunity, as you can get a condo for less than $50,000 right near the rapidly growing University of Southern Florida campus. Compare that to the area around U-Penn or Haverford, and you'll see why Tampa might appeal to retirees and others looking to downsize.

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