Sheep are the new Roundup: Resort owners turn to nature's weedeaters


Invasive species are, well, invading America, and have been for decades. Imported and noxious, weeds like leafy spurge, knapweed, Scotch broom and dalmatian toadflax have taked over 40% of America's pasture, croplands, and public lands, according to a Cornell University study.

Enter the sheep.

When herbicides fail, sheep thrive, happily munching away on the toxic invaders. Roving bands of sheep have feasted on unwanted vegetation on Civil War battlefields, ski slopes, vineyards, and in the lux playground of Nantucket. What's more, the sheep are a win-win, producing meat and wool and not requiring any fossil fuels to be smushed together in a laboratory.

Well, at least, their ranchers think so; researchers say the evidence of sheep's effectiveness is only anecdotal thus far. If it were me? I'd go with the sheep over the Roundup any day and let the scientists sort it out.