Save $100 bucks on groceries with the cupboard plan

grocery checkout
grocery checkout

Earlier this month a combination of factors kept us from our regular weekend trip to the grocery store. Rather than cramming it in after work when we were already hungry, we skipped buying groceries for the week, saving close to $100 bucks. Normally skipping on groceries leads to bad habits such as frequent fast food stops but this week we were able to avoid the temptation. Instead we chose to feed ourselves using the cupboard plan.

The cupboard plan is surprisingly simple and pretty much anyone can use it to save money on groceries several times a year. The only two requirements are that your cupboards aren't bare and that you have enough willpower to avoid eating out. I think you'll be surprised by just how many meals are hidden behind your cupboard doors!

After exploring the recesses of our cupboard, we found plenty of pasta, peanut butter, soups and even Jell-O. When we looked in the freezer, we discovered garlic bread, fries, pierogies and more, all waiting to be eaten before freezer burn set in. While we didn't eat fancy during the week, we still had lots of delicious meals.

This experiment reminded me that while our cash emergency fund isn't as big as I would like it to be, our emergency food fund is well stocked. This is a reminder that even if you are a meal-planning pro, you're sure to stumble every now and then, leading to a surplus of food that ends up in the freezer. This plan isn't for everyone, but if you are looking for a quick way to save $100 bucks and have a little willpower then this is an easy way to do it!