Fantastic Freebies: Dixie State College T-Shirt


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This one seems likely to run out out quickly so please: if you want the shirt, fill out the form now.

Dixie State College of Utah is offering a free "Join the Rebellion" t-shirt if you fill out this form. According to the college:

"Join the Rebellion" is more than a slogan, it's a reality at Dixie State College! What is the Dixie experience? Engaging. Students know their instructors and their instructors know them. This just isn't your typical college experience!

Students at Dixie are learning so much and having a blast at the same time. That's why "Join the Rebellion" is a reality at Dixie, not just a frame of mind. That's also why we are sending out t-shirts to those interested in joining the rebellion at Dixie State College.