Brrrr! Time to bundle up at the dollar store

I don't know what like weather is like where you live but here in Southern Ontario we've already had some distinctly winter-like days. So I thought I'd check out the selection of cold weather accessories at the local dollar store. I found a wide variety of polar fleece gloves for the whole family including some cute mittens for toddlers that are lined for extra warmth. Then there's the ever-popular magic stretch gloves that seem to be popular with school-age kids and you can get two pairs of these for a buck. These are handy for doubling up with other gloves for extra warmth when the kids decide to spend an hour or two building a snowman. The way kids lose things, it doesn't hurt to keep a couple of extra pairs of these on hand.
Scarves are plentiful, too. I saw some women's long skinny knit scarves in a variety of solid colors that are perfect for folding in half and looping in that loose tie that's so popular of late. There are also a multitude of polar fleece scarves in a variety of patterns and colors for the whole family.

I was impressed with the men's knit hat I found. Not only is it attractive with it's sold color and coordinating zig zag patterns but it has a lining and that weighty feel to it that bespeaks warmth. Lots of polar fleece hats, too for boys, girls and toddlers. There were also some solid color head bands available, some of them with Thinsulate insulation in them.

You'll need to check your local dollar store to see what's available in your area.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes tips and ideas for decorating using only items from the dollar store.

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