Target ordered to pay woman $3.1 million

One woman in Greer, S.C., probably won't be shopping at her neighborhood Target anymore. She'll have plenty to spend now that Target's been ordered to pay her more than $3.1 million for wrongly accusing her of trying to pass off fake $100 bills.

On separate visits to the discount store, Rita Cantrell tried to use bills printed before they were redesigned, according to a report in Thinking the money was counterfeit, a store employee e-mailed Cantrell's picture to dozens of local businesses and law enforcement agencies warning them that she was a shoplifter and had attempted to pass bogus bills. One of the companies that received the e-mail ... was Cantrell's employer.

The U.S. Secret Service questioned Cantrell while she was at work at a Belk department store in Greenville, where she was employed in the store's loss-prevention department.

Agents reviewed the bill -- which was an older, 1974 series $100 bill -- and determined she had done nothing wrong, according to the complaint. Target denied wrongdoing and said the e-mail communication was "made in good faith."

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