FedEx Kinkos now charging to open your files!

Fedex Kinkos SignWow! I know businesses everywhere are feeling the need bring in more cash but charging paying customers just to open their files is a bit on the ridiculous side. Joel Watson, creator of Hijinks Ensue a "Geek Webcomic", went to his local FedEx Kinkos to print copies of a several comic strips and was not so politely informed that for every file after the first there would be a "digital rendering" fee of $2.50. To further emphasize the stupidity of this charge, the "digital rendering" fee essentially covers the clerk double clicking on a file!

To me adding $2.50 onto a customer's print order is as dumb as tacking a fuel surcharge onto a taxi ride. Both of these services require what the extra fee is supposed to cover; you can't print a file without opening it just like you can't get anywhere in a taxi without gas. If a company needs to charge an extra fee in order for a service to remain viable then the price should simply be raised rather than hidden on a receipt or behind a technical sounding phrase like "digital rendering"!

I hope that this disturbing trend stops right now. Companies, stop using asterisks or extra fees to have the "cheapest" prices on the block and consumers, stop taking it when companies slap on an extra fee like this. Although Joel is already looking for local independent print shops, I have a bit of advice to get around the fee and to be enough of an annoyance that the fee is waived for future trips. Since the first file is always free, take the approach I took with 1 per purchase coupons back in college. Go through the checkout once for every file and eventually the clerk will get so fed up with you and the whole process that she will skip "digital rendering" charges and process the order as one just to get you out of the store.

If you come across companies pulling stunts like this be sure to let WalletPop know by leaving a comment below.

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