Couple downsizes to 154-square foot home


If it's true that less is more, Bill and Sharon Kastrinos have got it all. The couple have recently moved from their 1800-square foot home to a house that looks more like a shed. The first floor (that's right, this is a two-story home) holds a small sitting area, tiny kitchen, and bathroom in 98 square feet. The upstairs is their 56-square foot bedroom, and their car functions as their dresser so they don't have to store extra clothes in their limited living space.

The Kastrinos say that downsizing so drastically was a major adjustment and sacrifice, but that it also has a huge upside. The house cost only $15,000, and their utilities are a mere $15 a month. Their wheeled and easily mobile abode is currently parked on their daughter's property, but they can easily tow their home and plug into any RV park in the country if they want to relocate.

Bill Kastrinos is now building homes similar to his and selling them to others who wish to or need to downsize, or folks who just want to own a home but can't afford much more than this. He says that inquiries for the homes, which sell for around $15,000-$20,000, have increased recently.

The idea of shedding (no pun intended) all excess and moving into a home that wouldn't require a mortgage is definitely appealing, but I don't think I could make this my permanent lifestyle -- could you do it?